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Polk County company plays part in celebrating Braves’ world series title

While millions of fans throughout Braves Country celebrated the team’s postseason success all the way to a World Series title this year, a local company had a hand in getting the message out.

The Cedarstream Company, based in Cedartown, enjoyed printing shirts for the Atlanta Braves with the company’s employees working through the night to print shirts for the Braves’ Division Championship victory and of course the World Series victory as well.

In total, over 100,000 shirts were printed to commemorate the Braves’ title wins. These shirts were distributed across the country to retailers as well as at Truist Park and the Battery in Atlanta.

Jamie Morris, co-owner of the company with his wife Darcy, expressed appreciation to all of their employees who helped produce the championship shirts immediately after each title was won.

“We want to thank all of our team members for working extra hours to make this happen and we are proud to have this business being done right here in Polk County,” Morris said. “It’s been an exciting few weeks and we are excited for the next sports victory to come!”

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