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Online fundraising stores have become big business for screen printers and Cedarstream leads the way. We offer fundraiser stores for field day shirts, back to school spirit wear, breast cancer awareness gear, corporate Christmas gifts, and so much more. The options are unlimited. With hundreds of stores under our belt you don't have worry about a thing. Sit back and let us handle the work for you!

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Every online fundraiser store starts with selecting art and products. First we determine a few factors including the size of your school and the amount you anticipate to sell. Then we will advise you on the number of logos you we recommend you offer and the products. Typically for first time online store launches we recommend going simple. One design with a few different products (short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, crew neck sweatshirt, hooded sweatshirt). Most of the time we start with Gildan, but the brand you choose is totally up to your school's comfort level on budget. We offer hundreds of brands including Bella Canvas, Tultex, Hanes, Comfort Colors, Neve Level, Fruit of the Loom, Russell Athletic, Independent Trading Co., and many more! 


• The fees for the online store are all built into the the prices on the website. We charge a $3 fee (built into your cost) to set up the website, process the orders, print, fold, and individually package the items for you.


• Shipping: As far as shipping there's two options. Most schools will elect to drop ship the pre packaged items directly to the school and they will send to the classrooms (the items are bagged including student name / grade level / teacher name). Many corporations or fundraisers outside of schools will offer both a drop ship option (pick up at your local bank branch for instance) + a USPS option where the garments can be shipped directly to the person's home (for an additional fee). We are happy to provide either shipping option or a blend of both options to fit your needs. 


• Let's talk profits. Your online store can make as much profit as you choose. For example: If your base price of your t-shirt is $10 our only requirement is that you charge at least $10. However, if you want to make $5 a shirt you would sell the $15. If you wanted to make $10 a shirt you would mark it up to $20. We leave this entirely up to you and your demographics. Once the store has closed we will mail out a profits check to your school after a 30 day period. We have run hundreds of online stores and the feedback from customers has been amazing. It's truly the only way to efficiently and effectively do online ordering in today's world!


• Want to see how it works? Click the link!


Jenny Burch is our lead specialist with online fundraising stores. Reach out anytime and she will be happy to assists and explain further.

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